LC Torana

The LC Torana is one of the popular models introduced by General Motors – Holden’s. The making of this automobile series was grounded in Australian subsidiary during the year 1967 – 1980. The name Torana is derived from an Aboriginal word and entails the meaning “TO FLY”. The primary Torana series was introduced in the year 1967 and it was designed with 4 cylinder vehicle. The LC and LJ Torana series were introduced in the year 1969 – 1973 and they became extremely popular. The large wheels in the base along with 6 cylinder versions made the model quite popular. These 6 cylinder versions were designed with larger wheelbase covering 100 inches while the 4 cylinder versions were designed with a wheelbase measuring 95.8 inches. The LC Torana exhibited with an aggressive look and style which adapted huge engines. LC Torana granted 3 and 4 speed manual gearbox along with 3 Trimatic auto transmissions.


The LC Torana was the 2nd generation series which was introduced during the month of October in the year 1969. The body design and style appeared with a sophisticated look and they were accessible with two or four doors. Besides this, they overall look was trim and fit with the S or SL look. The LC Torana was desgined with bench or bucket style seats in the front and it also featured the disc brake system for the front wheel alignment. The engine of LC Torana was significantly powerful and they were easily available in the showroom after its release. In the succeeding production unit, the 161 inch engine was designed little larger with 173 ci version. This changeover was made alive in the LC GTR cars that were introduced in 2 barrel form.

During the year 1970, the 1st Torana performance series GTR XU-1 was manufactured by Holden teaming up with Harry Firth. The competition became wide and this motor series gained far-renowned recognition among the buyers. The ultimate target of Torana GTR XU-1 was to retain the competition of Holden in opposition of the competitors brand Ford Falcon.  LC Torana GTR XU-1 was designed with 6 cylinder engine measuring 186 inches and 160 hp brake, casting iron headers, 4 speed gearbox with manual controls, camshaft, cylinder head that assures high performance, 3 Zenith Stromberg and many more. Besides this, the LC Torana series also facilitated guard flutes, full instrumentation, rear spoiler, powerful disc brakes for the front wheels and many more in addition.


Without any doubt, the LC Torana is an excellent performer both on track and road! With noticeable weight and power ratio, the LC Torana has proven its performance dramatically. This motor series gained incredible popularity and fame amidst the car owners in Australia. However being the best race car and ideally matching other motor sports event, this LC Torana series has grabbed the attention of racers and motor enthusiasts. The Torana series effectively superseded the powerful race car VB Monaro GTS 350. General Motors manufactured about 74,627 LC Toranas and each of the motor series had its significant specifications and qualities.