Holden Monaro is an automobile series manufactured and introduced by General Motors.

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link to Lx Torana

Lx Torana

LX Torana was manufactured in the year 1976 – 1978, while the total number of series built was 49,902. The different Torana series introduced will include S4 & 6 cylinder sedan, A9X option...

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Lj Torana

LJ Torana is an exclusive car model introduced by General Motors – Holden’s and the entire making of this motor series was anchored in Australian subsidiary during the year 1967 – 1980. The...

link to LH Torana

LH Torana

LH Torana was the primary and first introduced Australian medium motor car and it was established in the year 1974 during the month of March. In the beginning, the Torana series had distinct...

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SLR Torana

The SLR Torana is one of the popular motor series vehicle manufactured by General Motors, Holden. It took quite a long time to design this brand new pattern and of course it was certainly the best...

link to LC Torana

LC Torana

The LC Torana is one of the popular models introduced by General Motors – Holden’s. The making of this automobile series was grounded in Australian subsidiary during the year 1967 – 1980. The...

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HQ Holden

HQ Holden is an exclusive automobile series introduced by the world’s motor manufacturer giants General Motors in the year 1971 – 1974. This HQ motor series hit the showroom outlet in the year...