Hk Holden

HK Holden automobile series where manufactured by the industrial giants General Motors from the year 1968 to 1969. It gave its debut entry during the month of January in the year 1968 and the HK automobile series progressively reinstated the Holden HR automobile series that was under production in the year 1966.

The HK range of motors where exceedingly huge and heavier in size when compared to its ancestors series. HK series introduced 13 exclusive models which were ultimately splendid than the 8 HR range models. HK Holden promoted the models under the name of Belmont, Kingswood, Monaro, Premier and Brougham.

HK Holden was ultimately stylish and it was designed with better length and width. Also, the vehicle remains heavier with improved clearance with powerful wheels. Every model belonging to Holden was designed by targeting safety as its primary concern. In the beginning, HK motor series where introduced in 3 different levels, while every one of them where available in 4 door sedan and 5 door station wagon style and structure. Both Sedan & Wagons were promoted under the name Sedans and Station Sedans correspondingly. The many different HK series will include: Belmont Sedan, Kingwood Sedan, Belmont Station Sedan, Kingswood station sedan, Premier Station Sedan and Premier Sedan.

Kingswood and Belmont where the new addition to the HK automobile series!  These two models replaced the Standard and Special names which Holden used since the year 1953. To give a new recognition, The Premier nameplate was maintained as such over the top-line model and later it featured 4 headlights along with a roofline. The 2.6 litre and 3 litre inline 6 cylinder engines were plugged from the HR automobile series. Besides this, the 5 litre Chevrolet V8 is featured in all models. For the first time, Holden was designed with a V8 engine.

During the month of March in the year 1968, HK automobile series gave a wider expansion by releasing 2 exclusive additions namely the couple utilities and the panel van variant. These 2 additions replaced the existing commercial models of HR series. Before the introduction of HK models, all the Holden’s commercial vehicles were promoted as Holden Utility & Holden Panel Van. Later in the year 1968, HK sedan introduced 3 new models including Brougham, Monaro GTS, Monaro GTS 327 and Monaro.

The Brougham model was designed with ultimate luxury design compared to the Premier series. This was a perfect addition to Holden series right from the launch of the nameplate in the year 1962. Also, the length of the Brougham was quite large covering 8 inches bigger than HK sedan models. The addition in length was only subjected to the body design, whereas the wheelbase stayed as such with 111 inches. While considering the Monaro series, they were designed with two-door coupes and it was the number 1 vehicle to have such feature from Holden. The Monaro GTS 327 is designed with 5.4 L Chevrolet V8 engine and this was an exceptional feature because not other Holden series comprised these facilities.

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