Holden Monaro

Holden Monaro is an automobile series manufactured and introduced by General Motors – Holden. The entire making of this series was carried out under Australian Subsidiary during the year 1968 to 1977 and 2001 to 2005. Right from the launch in the year 1968, Holden introduced 3 generations of Monaro motor series.

Though it was first launched complying the HK series designed along with 2 door hardtop coupe, Monaro got its name from the Australian motor enthusiast. The launch of this motor series made a blasting sale throughout the country, and Monaro was the pictogram that defines everything great about Australia. Designed with a classic, jingoistic look, Monaro thumped the attention of many young and passionate car enthusiasts during the period of the 1970s.

The overall look of Monaro was ultimately new and it was the first brand new design that was based on muscle cars pattern of USA. Individuals who desired to own a sporty and dashing racing coupe preferred Monaro as their prime choice. In order to fulfil the expectation and demands of the motor enthusiast, Holden introduced this sports coupe motor series. The GTS and GTS 327 were designed along with 6 engine versions and the entire body appeared to be larger, wide and the wheel arches were tangible as well. The customary Monaro design was designed with 3.05 litre and it was paired with 6 cylinder versions and 3-speed manuals. Among the many different race coupes, Monaro dominated the sales with a massive hit amidst the Australian car users.

When the GTS Coupe, Monaro Coupe and GTS 327 were launched in the Australian market, the cost of these motor series was $3,090, $2,575 and $3,790 respectively. Now the trend has been changed! These Monaro series are in utter demand and hence the supply has been swift to the next level. Also, these motor series will not come along with the price tags any more. Soon after its release, the Monaro was considered as the excellent and A-Grade muscle car and it scored its popularity in a short period of time. With seven different models, Monaro took a massive kick-off in its sale and survived in demand for about 11 years time.

If you are a racing enthusiast, then consider buying Monaro that signifies the glory of the past. You can find plenty of auction sales online, where the Australian Monaro listings will be found plenty in number. Generally, the Monaro series looks exceptionally good in its design and the seats four gives maximum comfort to the adult travellers. With respect to performance, they are far better than the other racing coupe series. The chassis is designed with complete firmness and remains rigid, which in turn gives stableness to the car while travelling in any corner of the world. It gives better suspension and stands out from the rest of the sports car. Designed as a 2 door sedan model, the Monaro can carry 5 passengers. This sedan style motor series gives firm grip during the ride which in turn makes it a perfect choice to travel any longer.

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