HJ Holden

HJ Holden is a motor series introduced by General Motors, Holden during the year 1974 and 1976. The HJ automobile series hit the showroom outlets in the year 1974 during the month of October 4th. The HJ version was designed with improved features and it was the perfect replacement of the Holden HQ series.

The front-end of the HJ Holden remained stylish; however, the chassis dimensions remained very same. Together it gave a grand look and appeared dominating as well. In order to give better protection and also with an objective to reduce the maintenance cost, the bumpers saw were reviewed and retooled with a new look.

Every HJ Models except the One Tonner were described with the HQ frontal treatment. The back end of this sedan style motor was designed with a new bumper along with wraparound taillights. The body design and style remained similar to the HQ series. The commercial car series was designed with 4 and 5 door sedan and wagon models with 3 trim levels. The different Holden series will include Belmont Sedan, Kingswood Sedan, Belmont Wagon, Kingswood Wagon, Premier sedan and wagon.   The premier series was designed with 4 headlight treatment while the wagons are designed with wheelbase covering 3 inches length.

The number of Holden vehicles built was 176,202 and the introduction cost of the HJ Holden series varies depending upon the models you choose. The Belmont series with 6 cylinder versions will around $3594 while the statesman series will cost about $4748. The many different HJ Holden models will include Belmont sedan, Monaro coupe, GTS coupe, GTS sedan, Sandman panel van, Holden Chassis & Cab, Sandman utility and many more. The exterior dimension of the Belmont, Monaro GTS Sedan and Kingswood will measure 190.5 inches in length whereas the Premier Sedan, GTS Coupe and LS Coupe will measure 191.0 inches. The Kingswood station and Belmont wagons measure 192.5 inches, while the Premier station wagon measures about 193.0 inches. Finally the statesman de Ville and caprice measures 198 inches.

The front and rear suspension of the HJ Holden will include coil springs, direct tubular shocks, stabilizer bar and SLA type. Four link systems along with coil springs, live axle, acting shocks were projected at the rear end. Now while considering the brake system, the front brake includes hydraulic power discs measuring 10.9 inches standard while the back wheel brakes are designed with hydraulic 10.0-inch drums. The tyres and wheels were designed with ultimate fittings, which will give maximum firmness while riding. The engine designs come along with 2.8-litre capacity and 3.3-litre capacities and are available with 6 cylinder versions.

The 4.2-litre capacity and 5.0 capacity engines were designed along with V8 units. The HJ Holden was designed with some mechanical improvements that include, turbo hydra transmission than the usual Tri-Matic auto transmission. This HJ Holden series gave ultimate comfort to the riders, and it was defined as the best speedo car ever to drive! The interior and exterior look of the Holden series always remained classic and this HJ series gave an improved satisfaction to the riders.

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