LH Torana

LH ToranaLH Torana was the primary and first introduced Australian medium motor car and it was established in the year 1974 during the month of March. In the beginning, the Torana series had distinct variations with Australian Pure Vauxhall variations to the English Chassis. But the latest LH Torana models were designed and reinforced with HQ set up. Being designed with powerful mechanism and tools following the Australian mechanism medium, the Torana series was the very first designs to have 4, 6 and 8 cylinder version engines. Few among other cars had these specifications. Mustang, MGB, Capri during 1970s, Chevrolet Camaro, Australian V-Series were a few motor series that were built with 4, 6 and 8 cylinder versions.

The LH Torana series was manufactured in order to replace the 6 cylinder engine versions LC & LJ series. The LC and LJ series were designed with a long wheelbase, whereas the LH Torana remained distinct from these two. After the launch, LH Torana series accounted an incredible sale in all corners of the world. This brand new version had wonderful specifications with a powerful body, solid weight, reliability and mechanism. This contemporary design and new body look will give enough space to the travellers when compared to the early Torana series. The entire body of this new Torana series was ultimately sophisticated with remarkable improvements. It was designed with strong bumpers, heavy bolts in the front, serviceability and many more. The previous Torana series merely had those front guards along with the aprons welded within.

The LH Torana series was designed with 4 door design in 3 trim levels. The first model that gave its debut was Torana S while Torana SL was established later following the Torana S series. Further, the Torana SL/R series was introduced, while the S & SL series were designed with 4, 6, and 8 cylinder engine versions that managed around 4.2 liter. The SL/R series was designed with 6 cylinder version while the V8 series remained optional.   During the production and manufacturing of this car, it was formally called as GTR XU – 3.

The motor and engine remained very strong along with powerful piston rods, valves, tubular headers, roller rockers, customized inlet fold, twin point and coil ignition and many more. Besides these, it had several other deletions such as the black stripe over the front guards were removed and the rear beaver and panels were removed from the usual black painting. The boot mat, bar strips and the centre console were not built-in.

Torana introduced different models and series range, which had different specifications and characteristic lineaments. The following are the various Torana series introduced:


Torana S4 & 6 cylinder

Plus 4 and G-PAK type models

SL 4 & 6 cylinder

SL/R 6 cylinder

The engine of LH Torana was designed with 4 cylinder version covering 7 inch headlights. The 6 and 8 engine versions had rectangular headlights with exceptional manual transmissions. The drum brake and front bench seat was quite basic, however, the disk brake system and rubber bumpers are integrated to give better comfort.

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