Lj Torana

Lj Torana

The LJ Torana is an exclusive car introduced by General Motors Holden and the entire building of this motor series was built in the Australian subsidiary during the year 1967 – 1978. The year 1967 was significant because the first Torana series was introduced with a 4 cylinder motor version.

This car series was moulded off the British Vauxhall Vivas during the middle of the 1960s. Soon after was the introduction of LJ Torana series in the year 1969, plenty of Torana series was launched with various specifications and different cylinder versions.

Most of these cars were built for the South Korean region, LJ Torana was branded with the local manufacturing representation as Chevrolet 1700 during the year 1972 to 1978 and Saehan Camina during the year 1976 to 1978.

During the year 1972, the LJ Torana was manufactured and established as a new version with a 6 cylinder motor that was closely connected with the Holden HQ Series. Most of the mechanical parts were almost the same as the LC Torana 4 cylinder model, but the big change was the selection of engines.

The Torana series was first introduced as a 4 cylinder, 1200 and 1600 engines, Later they had further changes and improved the motor specifications. It was even available with 1300 cc unit too.

The main difference of Torana series was the Torana 2 door, GTR 2 Door, SL 4 Door, GTR XU-1-2 Door, Deluxe 2 & 4 doors and Torana 2 & 4 door. Every model of Torana series had different specifications and features, which keeps varying from one model to another.

The Torana models were designed with 6 cylinder motors, some come with a 2250 and 2850 engines and later they adopted the HQ range of motors with 3300, or better known as “the 202” (cubic size). However, the gearbox system remained to be same in all the series of Torana.

To give better comfort while driving, the front end suspension is designed with coil springs along with rubber bump stops. A stabilizer bar was equipped to GTR along with Hydraulic shocks.

The rear end of the Torana series was designed with a 4 link rubber bush suspension with coil springs. Quite similar to the front suspension, the rear end also had the same spring rates as the XU-1 72 Bathurst car.

Disc brakes for the front wheels were quite standard in all the Torana series while the back wheel drums remained to be different from one pattern to another.

The range of Torana series differs from one model to another depending upon the engine capacity and features. The Torana 1200 with 2 doors cost around $2050, while the 1300 deluxe 2 door ranges at about $2260.

Torana is defined as a road car, which is compact in size along with a powerful engine. It is an exciting experience to drive these cars and they are easy to maintain and manage.

Car owners have loved the Torana series, as it was designed as the ultimate power to weight car around. The interior and exterior designs, mouldings, body dimensions are just great for that fast car look.

For a new driving experience, did you try Torana? It was worth considering at the time indeed!

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