Lx Torana

Lx ToranaLX Torana was manufactured in the year 1976 – 1978, while the total number of series built was 49,902. The different Torana series introduced will include S4 & 6 cylinder sedan, A9X option pack, SL4 & 6 cylinder sedan, SS 6 & V8 hatchback, SL/R 6 and V8 Sedan and many more. Every series of Torana comes with different specifications and also the cost of the models varies from one to another. This facelifted Torana series hit the showrooms in the year 1976 during the month of February. The LX Torana was designed with little modifications compared to the LH series. Some minor changes that LX Torana went through will include: the rectangular headlights were replaced with round headlights, the body colour and side windows were changed along with the enlargement of front badge.

The 2 door hatchback body was projected as an alternative to those 4 door models. The LX Torana is designed with better suspension features while the front-end covers the following attributes such as Wishbone & swivel A type, shock absorbers, coil springs, SS hatchback fittings with a stabilizing bar. Later during the year 1977, the RTS Torana was introduced along with suspension arms and upgraded coil springs. The back end suspension was designed with the following attributes such as 4 link rubber suspension arms, stabilizer bar, coil springs and telescopic shocks. Later the introduction of RTS in the year 1977 had some upgrades such as upgraded coil springs and better shock absorbers.

Quite some mechanisms were abided from the LH series. Besides this, some substantial upgrades were included in this model. They were: 3 door hatchback style, 4 door versions and many more. Also, the badges were relocated and the overall look of the motor series was quite new and significant. The interior and exterior look of the LX Torana was designed with better style and space. The latest hatchback facility was accessible in SS and SL Versions. The S versions were designed for export while the SL versions were designed with the trim look. One of the minor drawbacks is that, the trunk remained little fluffier than it was actually expected.

The LX Torana is undoubtedly a Hero Car, which is designed with improved finishing, graphics and outlook. The seats were designed with bucket look and gave extendable support and comfort to the riders. During the year 1976, General Motors tried to make the difference within 4 cylinder versions and 6 cylinder versions along with V8 series. The LX Torana series was quite popular as it was the final Torana series which was designed along with V8 engines. The manufacturing of LX Torana extended to 49,902. The Torana is an exceptional motor series that had all the specifications such as auto transmission, manual transmission, axle ratio, top speed gear, powerful steering and many more. The LX Torana comes in different color and design. Some of the impressive colors that LX Torana features will include: Jasmine Yellow, Palais White, Valencia Orange, Panama Green, Ultra Blue and Flamenco Red.

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