SLR Torana

SLR ToranaThe SLR Torana is one of the popular motor series vehicle manufactured by General Motors, Holden. It took quite a long time to design this brand new pattern and of course it was certainly the best series motor car introduced ever! The SLR Torana series was subjected with a synonym called “to fly” and plenty of models kept on hitting the showroom outlets. The entire design was unique and appeared like it had wings at its side.

The sporty wheels, rear spoiler and the trim look made SLR Torana eventually unique with a productive look. The Torana series were designed little wider and big and moreover it weighed little heavier too. Being designed along with V8 engines, the Torana was powered under the names Kingswood, Monaros, Premiers and Statesman. All these motor series fulfilled the expectation of the riders. The SLR Torana series was noted for its legendary performance compared to their previous sister editions. The design and performance were appreciated by the owners and of course, it was considered as the best family car to ride any long distance.

The mechanism of this series was designed along with V8 versions and had additional add-ons such as lusty 5047 cc small block and many more. However, the additional add-ons never lived up to the standard of the successor versions introduced by Torana in the year 1974. The overall weight of this car series was quite huge and moreover the size appeared to be massive and powerful too. With many different specialties and standards, the Torana motor series outshined with satisfactory performance. On the other hand, the GT-HO-Type quarter sounded a little disappointing. Despite the choice of tyres used, the rider will not be able to drive SLR Torana above quarter-mile in 16 seconds.

The SLR Torana was designed with a performance package and they come along with 6 cylinder versions. The Torana series were constructed to give a better ride than just managing it and also to give better comfort than mere precision. Holden was designed with structural engineering patterns and it was surely a good attempt to consider. The steering was mounted with rubber and granted better grip to the rider. The Torana series came along with significant improvements with respect to feel and attraction. If you are looking for a sedan style family car that has sporty touch, then choosing SLR Torana will be a fair choice.

Its performance, look and style look better and there is nothing to disgrace in this SLR Torana series. On the other hand, riders who are looking for a sports car to travel in the tortuous roads will not find SLR Torana convenient. It has potential features but cannot contest with the real sports car like the other Holden series. A highway ride with Torana series will be perfect, while the bumper ride in the Mountain will not give you the expected comfort. The performance, dimensions and engine strength was quite good like other Torana series motor car. Riding this family car will give you a new experience and assures you better comfort level.

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