HG Holden

HG Holden is one of the most fascinating automobile series that was introduced by General Motors Holden’s during the year 1970 – 1971. The making of this motor was performed in Australia and the motor series was promoted under the model names Belmont, Premier, Kingswood, Monaro and Brougham. Holden HG series were launched during the year 1970 in the month of July 26 and this range of motor vehicle where a replacement of those Holden HT series which was under production since the year 1969 in the month of May.

The latest models had some significant changes including the body inlay and new grilles. Moreover, some safety features were also compounded in this design. The colour schema and the tidy design made this motor series very exclusive and entrancing. Every V8 engine models were completely equipped with disc brakes along with the suspension system. This ensures better comfort to the owners! Some of the conventional HG motor series designed with 4 door sedan and 5 door station wagon flairs in 3 different levels.

HG models are wide and extensive in range and the entire HG motor series were introduced in the year 1970! The following are some of the exceptional series that was marketed under HG designs: Belmont Station Wagon, Belmont Sedan, Kingwood Station Wagon, Premier Sedan, Brougham Sedan, Monaro Coupe, Premier Station Wagon, Monaro GTS 350 Coupe, Belmont Panel Van, Monaro GTS coupe, Kingswood Sedan and Belmont Utility.

HG Holden motors were the last and ultimate enhancement of HK-T series and it prefaced the Australian Built with 3 pace Tri Matic transmission. The automobile series were quite usual in designs complementing the Sedans, Monaro Coupes, Wagons and other commercial designs with different specification levels. Though the Tri-Matic auto transmission was quite usual in Brougham & Premier series, even other models were designed with this feature.

The fair body design along with the refined plastic grilles made HG series very special. On the other hand, the HG series was designed with additional safety features and the colours looked ultimately splendid. The overall design of the HG series appeared very trim, which was definitely a breathtaking credit to the entire series. All the V8 models were designed with the enhanced disc brake system and the Monaro GTS was little altered with powerful suspensions in order to give better comfort.

The latest HG models are one of the most preferred and sophisticated designed cars which complemented the old Monaro Models. In order to provide a better illusion, the backlights were conflated well with black GTS tail panel. Nowadays every one of us needs a car which doesn’t require too much maintenance. The car should sustain its new look and make the travellers happy while taking a drive in it. Holden series gives you ultimate comfort and remains durable for more than you pay. Owning a Holden gives you prestigious look and moreover it makes you stand out from the crowd. Its style, look, safety features have together brought success to these Holden series. Driving Holden series will give you sporty feel and your ride will be spirited as well.

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